Unit Coordinator And Monitor Technician-4200 Tele-Part Time Nights

TriHealth HCM Enterprise

Job Overview:This position performs clerical duties as well as maintaining skills necessary to observe and interpret central cardiac monitors. This position requires the interpersonal skills to communicate with respect and compassion to customers: communications information through various telecommunication devices; and assists in coordinating patient flow.Job Requirements:High School Degree or GED Successful completion of basic cardiology course, including 40 hours of clinical orientation Equivalent experience accepted in lieu of degreeJob Responsibilities:Maintains proficient knowledge of computer applications specific to unit/job (i.e. maintaining census, accurate scanning of documents). Is knowledgeable of the function/operation of equipment specific to the role on the unit.Communicates appropriately and effectively with internal and external customers (i.e. staff, patients, families, other departments, etc.). Relays accurate and complete information. Maintains confidentiality. Takes an active role in maintaining patient satisfaction (i.e. way-finding, quick response to call lights and phones, etc.).Demonstrates ability to appropriately respond to and prioritize work. Removes medications from the tube system and places in appropriate locked cabinet. Responds appropriately to emergency situations (i.e. Code Blue, Rapid Response Team, fire, Special Alert). Demonstrates knowledge/use of emergency systems, policies and procedures. Performs computer down time procedures according to unit/TriHealth guidelines.Demonstrates/maintains knowledge of organizational and unit changes. Supports organizational and unit changes. Acknowledges need for self growth and accountability. Identifies areas for self improvement.Responsibilities of the monitor reader: Accurately observes and interprets the central cardiac monitors. Is aware of the location of all monitored patients during the shift. Accurately maintains the cardiac monitor log with strips, intervals and interpretations at designated times as well as prn. Recognizes emergency rhythms and notifies appropriate personnel. Notifies the RN in accepted timeframe of changes in the patient rhythm or if arrhythmia occurs. Documents any change per unit standard. Maintains alarms at all times, and immediately reviews alarms and makes cardiac monitoring the first priority. Notifies appropriate nursing personnel or clinical engineering of any problems not resolved by unit trouble shooting. Maintains equipment, logs and telemetry supplies per unit protocol.Other job-related information:Working Conditions:Climbing – OccasionallyConcentrating – ConsistentlyContinuous Learning – ConsistentlyHearing: Conversation – ConsistentlyHearing: Other Sounds – FrequentlyInterpersonal Communication – ConsistentlyKneeling – OccasionallyLifting <10 Lbs – ConsistentlyLifting 50+ Lbs – ConsistentlyLifting 11-50 Lbs – ConsistentlyPulling – ConsistentlyPushing – ConsistentlyReaching – ConsistentlyReading – ConsistentlySitting – ConsistentlyStanding – ConsistentlyStooping – FrequentlyTalking – ConsistentlyThinking/Reasoning – ConsistentlyUse of Hands – ConsistentlyColor Vision – OccasionallyVisual Acuity: Far – FrequentlyVisual Acuity: Near – ConsistentlyWalking – ConsistentlyTriHealth SERVE Standards and ALWAYS BehaviorsAt TriHealth, we believe there is no responsibility more important than to SERVE our patients, our communities, and our fellow team members. To achieve our vision and mission, ALL TriHealth team members are expected to demonstrate and live the following: Serve: ALWAYS…• Welcome everyone by making eye contact, greeting with a smile, and saying “hello”• Acknowledge when patients/guests are lost and escort them to their destination or find someone who can assist• Refrain from using cell phones for personal reasons in public spaces or patient care areasExcel: ALWAYS…• Recognize and take personal responsibility to address and recover from service breakdowns when a customer’s expectations have not been met• Offer patients and guests priority when waiting (lines, elevators)• Work on improving quality, safety, and service Respect: ALWAYS…• Respect cultural and spiritual differences and honor individual preferences.• Respect everyone’s opinion and contribution, regardless of title/role.• Speak positively about my team members and other departments in front of patients and guests.Value: ALWAYS…• Value the time of others by striving to be on time, prepared and actively participating.• Pick up trash, ensuring the physical environment is clean and safe.• Be a good steward of our resources, using supplies and equipment efficiently and effectively, and will look for ways to avoid waste.Engage: ALWAYS…• Acknowledge wins and frequently thank team members and others for contributions.• Show courtesy and compassion with customers, team members and the community

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