Quality Supervisor – 2nd/3rd Shift

Stratosphere Quality

Project Supervisor Job Summary

Project Supervisors are responsible for project set up, managing customer deliverables andteam member expectations and general supervision. Ongoing training with team to maintainconsistent work and communication with customers and employees. Project Supervisors travelto the manufacturing plants, where the parts are being made or the warehouses where the partsare being stored to supervise our teams of quality inspectors.

Project Supervisor Job Responsibilities & Duties

Responsible for ensuring all teams within assigned location(s) are operating according to
standards and requirements, including safety.
Develop work instructions and train team leaders and inspectors on proper procedures
relevant to the project.
Manage customer relationships
Completes required training classes
Follows all employee policies and other duties as assigned

Project Supervisor Job Qualifications & Skills

Flexibility and adaptability
Positive attitude and self-motivated
Detail orientated
Associates degree or equivalent work experience
2+ years of supervisory/leadership experience
Experience with business-to-business customer relations

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