Quality Assurance Technician 3rd Shift

Sconza Candy Company

Position Summary

The Quality Assurance Technician will work in a fast-paced production environment inspecting product to ensure that it meets customer’s needs, expectations and requirements They will help ensure all product meets the required specifications and ensure compliance with all quality and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements.

Major Responsibilities

Daily evaluation of product conformance of items ready to pack. This work includes determining a percent defect level when high levels of defects are found
Inspecting equipment for high priority allergen and regular changeovers to ensure no visible contamination is present
Have operators and utility personnel correct any deficiencies and fill out allergen HACCP and organic changeover forms and initial
Maintain HACCP and organic records for the department
Within the limits of information available, ensure that the packaging department is placing the correct product in the correct containers, using the correct labels and shippers, and correctly coding the products
Per the company and customer sampling requirements collect retain or analytical testing samples at specified intervals and store or delivers to appropriate departments. Arrange for shipments to outside labs for COA testing
Maintaining inspection and hold logs and implementing the paperwork for placing raw materials, finished goods and in-process materials on hold
Perform inspections on raw materials and determine defect levels or out of specification conditions
Collect representative samples and report deficiencies to appropriate personnel to determine dispositions
Monitors in-process production parameters such as coating ratios, polish levels and informs production department about deficiencies when they appear. Technician will perform product evaluation for parameters such as coating ratios to determine customer specifications are being met
Perform plant sanitation audits and identify issues in the plant that may result in adulteration and or contamination. Provides report on issues as they arise
Understand and comply with all HACCP and CGMP requirements and processes
Understand and comply with RSPO and organic programs
Other Duties as assigned


High school diploma or state issued equivalency
At least one years’ experience in working in a food production environment
Requires excellent oral, written, and communication skills
Basic math skills such as calculating percentages and understanding simple control chart concepts
Requires operation knowledge of computer software (Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, Adonix, etc.)
Ability to be flexible (shifts, days, and hours)

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