Night Crew Manager – Full Time – Safeway 1614 (Union) [DNV]


PURPOSE: As a primary contact for customers, the Night Crew Manager provides friendly, courteous, and helpful service. The Night Crew Manager places merchandise on shelves in a retail grocery store. Open cases of merchandise using a company approved box cutter. Places individual items on shelves in the specified location. Face items to be consistent with Division standards. Dusts and washes shelves as needed. Checks temperatures in cold cases, coolers, and freezers. Responsible for total store security. Maintain all aisles with a clear walkway. May occasionally function as cashier/checker. Bales cardboard and cleans floor. Orders groceries and maintains inventory with a hand held ordering device. Supervises, assigns duties, and trains employees. 

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: • Provides customer service as defined by the employer within the scope of the position and within company policy. • Supervises, trains, assigns duties to night stocking employees, and may write schedules. • Responsible for accurate inventory procedures to include checking the load for shorts and maintaining total backroom control. • Loads stock onto six-wheelers or uses pallet jack to move merchandise. Pushes loaded six-wheelers to appropriate area. • Opens cases and carries product to display area. • Replaces stock on shelves. Faces and straightens up shelves. Rotates merchandise and removes out of date merchandise from the shelves. • Writes grocery, non-food orders and does a Backroom Inventory (BRI). • Returns excess stock to backroom and inventory. Maintains backroom organization. • Operates electronic scanner cash register to total customers’ final bill. • Receives payment for customer purchase and count back correct change. • Bags groceries in plastic, canvas, or paper bags. Lift bags into grocery cart. Offer customer assistance with carry out and provide carryout service if Courtesy Clerk is unavailable. • Responsible for overseeing employees and responding to customer on-site accidents. • Maintain cleanliness of store. • Adheres to Federal, State, local laws. Adheres to safety policies and store rules. • Other duties as assigned.

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