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“Ambience Hospitality is a hotel and property management company. Our clients and owners hire our professional services to operate hotels and other properties on their behalf. As an associate of the property you are an employee under the management of Ambience Hospitality. The following job description covers the basic 
elements of the job listed, according to the expectations and requirements of Ambience Hospitality. This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive or all-inclusive list of expectations. Please see your General Manager for specific duties and expectations relevant to the property. 

General Overview 
Hotel Guest Service Agent (or Representative) greets and welcomes guests to the hotel and makes them feel comfortable in their environment. The Guest Service Agent (GSA) must maintain a friendly and helpful attitude to guests, customers, clients and visitors. The GSA must professionally provide services to accommodate guests by registering and assigning rooms to guests, issuing room keycards, transmitting and receiving messages, keeping records of occupied rooms and guests’ accounts, making and confirming reservations, and presenting statements to and collecting payments from departing guests. This is for an ovrnight position
•    Greet, register, and assign rooms to guests 
•    Contact housekeeping or maintenance when guests report problems 
•    Issue room keys 
•    Make and confirm reservations 
•    Verify customers’ credit, and establish how the customer will pay for accommodations 
•    Keep records of room availability and guests’ accounts, manually or using computer 
•    Post charges, such as those for rooms, food, telephone calls, accurately to ledgers manually or by using computer 
•    Review accounts and charges with guests to ensure accuracy during the checkout process 
•    Record guest comments or complaints, referring customers to managers as necessary 
•    Compute bills, collect payments, and make change for guests 
•    Transmit and receive messages, using telephone or switchboard 
•    Answer inquiries pertaining to hotel services, guest registration, and travel directions 
•    Advise housekeeping when rooms have been vacated and are ready for cleaning 
•    Perform bookkeeping activities such as balancing accounts and conducting nightly audits 
•    Clean and maintain lobby and common areas, such as restocking supplies and emptying trash receptacles 
•    Prepare for basic food service, such as setting up breakfast, or coffee and tea supplies 
•    Sort and rack incoming mail and messages 
•    Deposit guests’ valuables in hotel safes or safety-deposit boxes 
Technology Skills 
•    Data base user interface software 
•    Electronic mail software 
•    Facilities management software (Property Management System) 
•    Office suite software – word processing, spreadsheet, presentation 
Tools Used 
•    Automated attendant systems 
•    Automatic call distributor 
•    Music or message on hold player 
•    Personal computers (PC) 
•    Premise branch exchange (PBX) systems 
•    Vacuum cleaners 
•    Voicemail systems 
•    Calculator or adding machines 
•    Customer Service and Personal Service 
•    English Language 
•    Public Safety and Security 
•    Clerical 
•    Computers and Electronics 
•    Administration and Management 
•    Mathematics 
•    Sales and Marketing 
•    Economics and Accounting 
•    Telecommunications 
•    Personnel and Human Resources 
•    Education and Training 
•    Communications and Media 
•    Law and Government 
•    Transportation 
•    Chemistry 
•    Food Production 
•    Geography 
•    Philosophy and Theology 
•    Social Perceptiveness 
•    Speaking 
•    Service Orientation 
•    Active Listening 
•    Coordination 
•    Complex Problem Solving 
•    Judgement and Decision Making 
•    Management of Personnel Resources 
•    Monitoring 
•    Reading Comprehension 
•    Time Management 
•    Critical thinking 
•    Instructing 
•    Negotiating and Persuasion 
•    Writing 
•    Active Learning and Learning Strategies 
•    Mathematics 
•    Quality Control Analysis 
•    Management of Material Resources 
•    Troubleshooting 
•    Operation and Control 
•    Equipment selection and Maintenance 
•    Oral Comprehension and Expression 
•    Speech Clarity and Recognition 
•    Near Vision and Far Vision 
•    Problem Sensitivity 
•    Category Flexibility 
•    Deductive and Inductive Reasoning 
•    Written Comprehension and Expression 
•    Fluency of Ideas 
•    Originality 
•    Selective and Auditory Attention 
•    Number Facility 
•    Finger Dexterity 
•    Memorization 
•    Perceptual Speed 
•    Speed of Closure 
•    Spatial Orientation 
•    Wrist-Finger Speed 
•    Peripheral Vision 
Work Activities 
•    Interacting with computers and other electronic devices 
•    Getting information 
•    Working directly with the public 
•    Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships 
•    Making decision and problem solving 
•    Communicating with supervisors and peers 
•    Resolving conflicts and negotiating with others 
•    Processing information 
•    Updating and using relevant knowledge 
•    Documenting or recording information 
•    Performing administrative activities 
•    Organizing, planning, and prioritizing work 
•    Communicating with persons outside organization 
•    Coordinating the work and activities of others 
•    Selling or influencing others 
•    Assisting and caring for others 
•    Training and teaching others 
•    Monitor processes and surroundings 
•    Evaluating information to determine compliance with standards 

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