Med Surg LPN Night Shift

The Baxley & Appling County Hospital Authority

Patients are assessed at beginning of each shift and as patient condition changes.

Assessments are documented as completed.

RN informed in a timely manner based on implications and severity of significant deviation from normal.

Unit based and age appropriate guidelines are followed in performing patient assessment.

Useful and appropriate information and recommendations are provided to RN in development of patient care plan.

Changes in patient status reported to the RN to incorporate into the plan of care.

Patient and/or family are provided with appropriate and complete discharge information and understanding assessed.

Patient rounds made every two hours.

Medications administered per hospital medication policy and procedure.

Nursing care documented per policy and procedure.

Reports communicated at beginning and end of each shift of patient’s condition.

Nursing documentation reflects intervention, patient response, effectiveness of treatment provided, follow-up care and reassessment of problem.

Crisis documentation accurately reflects patient condition preceding, during, and after the crisis.

Assist in other areas of the hospital where patient care is being delivered (XRAY, LAB, ER, ICU, OR,PCU ETC.).


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