Machine Operator, 3rd Shift

Voyant Beauty

General Description

Under the supervision of a Production Supervisor, will perform any and all of the following duties, auto packer, capper, snorkeler, labeler, shrink bundler, unit cartoner, carton erector, depalletizer, button tipper, all other machines as required by the manufacturing process and make adjustments on them, assist in changeovers and perform necessary adjustments, and cleaning operations. Responsible for performing work in a quality manner and producing a quality product.



1) Fill-out all required production/quality documentation as required by individual machine operator descriptions.

2) Perform all quality inspection checks as required by individual machine operator descriptions and as required by supervision.

3) Perform all duties listed in individual machine operation descriptions for each machine.

4) Clean assigned area and/or machine during down time, or immediately after the end of their shift.

5) Perform all duties with extreme safety consciousness and with regard for the safety of other personnel.

6) Perform other department duties as directed by supervision.

7) Assist in changeovers as defined as the ability after completion of appropriate training, to assist in changeover as set up of a particular machine or machines from the current to the following product.

8) Perform all labor grade 1 duties when required by supervision.


Other Duties In addition to the Duties listed, qualifications may include physical requirements, additional education or certification as deemed necessary for the safe and successful performance of the job.


Physical requirements

Hourly bending/stooping/twisting, Max 15 lbs lifting

Other details

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