Production Operator Positions 2nd or 3rd shift only

Kraft Heinz

Description & Requirements

Checks with supervisor as to shift production schedule; checks stock of packaging materials and related supplies on hand and notifies package material serviceman or supervisor of any needs to meet shift production schedule.
Starts up, operates, changes over, cleans bins and/or shuts down any packaging machinery, conveyors, and/or other related equipment in assigned area, in accordance with standard procedures; makes necessary corrective adjustments to weight controls, heat sealers, paper tension, print alignment, air pressure, glue application and/or equipment speed where required, to maintain the specified degree of quality and efficiency.
Supplies and replaces packaging materials to assigned equipment; replaces various equipment parts including, but not limited to, Teflon liners and suction cups; and forms knockdown containers.
Inspects at specific intervals containers for proper fill, seal, and print alignment; check weighs filled containers in the prescribed manner; and uses leak tester equipment, as required, in accordance with established procedures.
Records on designated forms results of sample testing; submits properly identified samples to Quality Control; sets aside prescribed number of containers of product from each batch for quality control inspection; and submits to supervisor reports on assigned equipment down-time, heat seal, case counter reading, and weights of samples taken.
Coordinates activities of employees on line by advising them of line starts and stops, equipment failures, etc., to assure the necessary level of line efficiency.
Relieves jams and/or plug-ups in/on assigned equipment in the prescribed manner; notifies mechanic or supervisor of equipment malfunctions as required; assists mechanic or supervisor with certain equipment adjustments where necessary.
Test runs product before actual start-up, by performing all operations, to insure proper functioning of equipment.
Communicate with supervisor and/or designated personnel as to product changeover and any other information necessary to insure the specified degree and efficiency.
Maintains a clean and orderly staging area; places trash and/or waste products in proper carts or containers and moves to designated area; disposes of any damaged packaging materials in the prescribed manner.
Changes code dates where required.
Zeros weigh scales, as required, in the prescribed manner.
Palletizes and depalletizes packaging materials, finished product, and/or other supplies, and prepares pallet tickets as required.
Recognizes and reports to supervisor any unusual condition or defective equipment.
Maintains a clean and orderly work area to insure the specified degree of cleanliness and sanitation standards.
Observes all safety rules, precautions, and practices to insure the safety of self and others.
Trains additional personnel in this operation as required.
Performs all other duties that may be assigned by the supervisor.

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