Machine Operator / Production Worker


Job Description

Starting pay $17.55/hour! (with perfect attendance)

Higher pay with relevant experience.

71 degrees year round and brightly lit.


Duties vary based on the department and lab needs and include all duties as assigned. Generally, associates will perform a variety of tasks, such as described below, based on department functions:

Bench/Mounters: Insert lens in frames, utilizing appropriate methods and tools for frame types. Edging, drill, beveling, cleaning, sorting trays, UV, tint, check lens for defects, correct power, axis, prism, etc.
Inspection: Inspect frames for defects. Inspect lenses optically (ANSI Standards) and for visual imperfections. Check for cosmetic issues, prism and standards.
Surface: Taping, blocking, generating, backside coating, deblocking, polishing.
AR: Read invoices, sorting, pre-inspection, operate AR Coating Machine, load and unload lenses in sectors and machines, return lenses to trays and sort, clean and dry lenses, visually inspect to ensure ANSI Standards are met.
Stockroom: Print orders from DVI, sort lenses and match jobs to correct trays for processing, pick frames and lenses from bin number on Rx, scan barcodes on trays and frames, remove lenses from manufacturer’s box and correctly place on tray for processing.
Shipping: Scan completed jobs, bag jobs, sort to waves, prepare boxes for daily shipments, follow procedures and processes for tracking and shipping orders.

Shift Available

Saturday, Sunday and Monday 5:00a to 5:00p.
Seasonal Overtime available.


We will pay you while you are being trained.
No specific education level required.
No specific experience required but previous related optical or manufacturing experience is a plus.
Must be able to read, write and communicate in English.

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