Distribution Clerk (3rd shift)

Essilor Group

Our unique business model and relentless pursuit of operational excellence ensures that consumers everywhere have access to products. Balancing speed, efficiency and proximity, the Company manages a global supply chain with cutting-edge technology, based on centralization for frames and on a capillary network for lens finishing and prescription laboratories. Greasing the wheels behind the scenes, our people in Operations are the backbone of our Company.

Major Duties And Responsibilities

You will focus on one of the following areas, and we plan to cross-train in the future so that you may work in any area.

In The Coating Area, You May Work As

A Clipper, clipping and securing lenses into baskets to begin the coating process.
A Machine Operator, preparing and operating the coating machine to coat the lenses properly. This will include:
Loading machine chemicals.
Loading and unloading sectors with lenses.
An Inspector, inspecting lenses to ensure that they are optically and cosmetically accurate.

In Finishing, You May Work As

A Beveler, utilizing the bevel wheel to remove the sharp edges of the lens.
A Mounter, inserting edged lenses to ensure proper fit and alignment, and inserting lenses into the frame while ensuring proper fit.
An Edger Operator, using a variety of edging machines to cut lenses down to proper size and shape to fit the appropriate frame.
A Finish Layout preparer, readying uncut lenses for the edging process by outlining the center/alignment markings and affixing the chuck/block.
A Tinter, accurately tinting all lenses.
An inspector, checking lenses and frames to ensure quality standards are met.

In Surfacing, You May Work As

A Surfacing Blocker, utilizing the blocking machine to accurately secure a block to all lenses going through the surfacing department. You’ll operate taping equipment to apply protective tape to the front of the lenses.
A Surface Finer/Polisher, operating the equipment used to fine and polish all lenses going through the surfacing depart.
A Lens Washer, hand washing and drying lenses followed by a brief cosmetic inspection of the lenses. You’ll grasp lenses with a de-blocking cup and strike it against the table to remove block from lenses, and also remove tape from lenses.

Basic Qualifications

To meet the basic qualification for this role, you will have legal authorization to work permanently in the United States for any employer without requiring a visa transfer or visa sponsorship. In addition, to be a good fit for the Distribution Clerk opportunity, you will have:

A high school diploma or equivalent.
High mechanical aptitude.
Aptitude to do a repetitive task for the duration of a shift.
Past work experience in a manufacturing setting is preferred but not required, as training will be provided.
The ability to meet measurable standards in a dynamic production environment. Depth perception and manual dexterity.
Strong oral and written communication skills.
Excellent organizational abilities.
Attention to detail.

You Need To Know

The position requires that you stand and walk for the duration of the shift if working in the supply chain area.
The position requires you to sit for long periods of time, strong use of your hands, and hand/eye coordination if working in some of the production areas.
You’ll work with and around chemicals.
Your work area may be wet and/or dirty and or have a strong smell.

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