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Inspira Health

Position Description

The Dispatcher will be responsible for the primary trip intake and dispatching for all appropriate Inspira Health Network vehicles and the personnel. These responsibilities consist of obtaining pertinent information for new and recurring patient trips, pre-scheduling trips according to availability and staff demands, verification of pertinent information of patient trips, obtaining billing information and follow-up of appropriate information. Other responsibilities include serving as a liaison between dispatch and accounts receivable offices, appropriate and effective communication with all internal and external customers, assignment and routing of all pre-scheduled, added, and/or emergent transports. The dispatcher may also be responsible for call intake and customer service management onsite at Cooper, Cape, Inspira and other locations when needed. Also, daily performance reports, researching of potential problem situations and relays to the proper authorities and any additional roles and responsibilities deemed necessary to the efficient operation of Inspira Health Network.


  • Advanced Degree Associates or greater, preferred. 
  • EMT and/or Medical Billing experience preferred. 
  •  Valid driver’s license in NJ in accordance with Inspira Health’s Fleet Safety ADM.291*IHN*.


Position Responsibilities

Primary trip intake:

  • •Obtaining pertinent patient/customer information.
  • •Scheduling transports, Insurance verification and billing information.
  • •This includes but is not limited to patient’s name, DOB, home address, phone number, insurance information, weight of patient, where the patient is being picked up from, where the patient is going, what time and day the patient is going to and patient’s medical conditions/complaints.

Assignment of transports to crew members:

  • •Dispatchers are to communicator with crews throughout the entire length of a transport (assigning the transport, acknowledgement, at scene, transporting, at destination, and clear times). They are to give efficient time for the crew to be able to safely and effectively arrive for the patient and to transport the patient to their destination. If there is a delay with any patient transport, the dispatcher is to notify the appropriate person(s).

Problem Solving/ Priority Dispatching:

  • •If there is equipment failure, they are to contact either a field Supervisor and/or Maintenance to notify and resolve the issue that the crew has. In the event of an accident or of a “Never Event” a supervisor is to be notified immediately.


  • •The dispatcher needs to have clear and effective communications with all other members around them.
  • •This includes other dispatchers, members of billing, crews, external staff, patients, management and maintenance.
  • •At the end of end shift the dispatchers are to complete an end of shift report.
  • •They are to caption all events of the day within this report.
  • •Before leaving, they are to verbally tell the oncoming dispatcher of any crew delays, foreseeable issues, truck breakdowns, equipment placement, call outs, special directions/instructions and/or anything else that has or will happen that would be helpful for the dispatcher coming on.

On Site Customer Service Agent:

  • •The onsite communicator is responsible for ensuring The Inspira Health Network mission. 
  • •The first line of customer service and communication to ensure our patients have the best possible transportation service and ensure our network employees receive the needed support to properly discharge the patient.
  • •The onsite communicator works directly with the dispatcher to ensure all transportation needs are met.

The onsite communicator and the dispatcher collaborate to meet team goals:

  • •Coordinates with the team regarding goals for discharge planning and scheduling. Works with the entire team regarding future planning and long-term goals.  

The communicators and dispatchers’ duties prior to transport

  • •Check paperwork if on scene (Face Sheet, Transfer order, MAR, CMS, and order to transfer with nurse monitor if needed.)
  • •Dispatch to verify with onsite staff proper demographic and insurance information.
  • •Onsite staff make corrections to paperwork, ensure staff is ready for patient transfer.
  • •All staff to work collectively to ensure all patients are always transported safely and with the best times available keeping both fiscal responsibility and staff and patient safety in mind.

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