Warehouse Associate – Loader/Unloader – 3rd Shift


Job Description

Cintas is seeking a Warehouse Associate – Loader/Unloader – 3rd Shift to support the Rental Division. Loader/Unloaders are responsible for driving company trucks to designated areas in the facility for unloading of soiled products. Loader/Unloaders then load clean uniforms, floor mats and additional customer products onto trucks based on customer routes designated for each truck. Loader/Unloaders are expected to maintain the cleanliness of their work area and to meet or exceed a standard for quantity and quality of products loaded and unloaded.


Job Expectations and Eligibility Factors:

Work Eligibility (prior to first day of employment)

Must be authorized to work in the US.
Must be 18 years of age or older.
Must have a valid driver’s license.

Work Expectations

Must adhere to attendance policy.
Must be willing to work in a safe proximity to other people for extended periods of time.
Must be willing to work in a fast-paced, schedule driven environment where there are time pressures to complete work quickly.
Must be comfortable with exposure to hot or cold temperatures and exposure to the elements.
Must be willing to handle materials that are soiled or have pungent odors, with appropriate protective equipment.

Physical Qualifications, With Or Without Reasonable Accommodation

Requires standing for most of shift.
Requires stretching, bending, squatting, stooping, turning, or reaching to accomplish work activities.
Requires physical activity, including lifting or moving materials, for most of shift.

Attributes Of a Great Employee-Partner

Attention To Detail: Is thorough and careful about detail when completing work tasks or correcting flaws or mistakes.
Work Ethic / Effort: Displays a high level of effort and commitment towards performing work; is hard working and dependable; prioritizes tasks properly to meet deadlines.
Integrity / Honesty: Behaves in an honest, fair, and ethical manner; is trustworthy.
Interpersonal Skills: Is pleasant with others on the job and displays a good-natured, cooperative attitude; is respectful, courteous, and polite towards others.
Teamwork and Collaboration: Works with others to achieve goals; supports team decisions.
Safety Orientation: Is committed to complying with safety rules and guidelines.
Stress Tolerance/Resilience: Deals calmly and effectively with high stress or high pressure situations; recovers quickly from setbacks.
Customer Focus: Identifies and meets the needs of internal and external customers.
Adaptability/Flexibility: Is open to change and to variety in the workplace; is able to switch between tasks or priorities quickly.

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