Certified Nursing Assistant (PRN NIGHT SHIFT)

United Medical Rehabilitation Hospital

JOB TITLE: Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.)REPORTS TO: Direct of Nursing/Nurse Manager FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt JOB OVERVIEW: Provides direct and indirect patient care services that meet the psychosocial, physical and general aspects of care; meets the communication needs of patient and family; provides care that reflects initiative and responsibility indicative of professional expectations, under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or LPN. Maintains regulatory requirements, nursing and hospital policies, procedures and standards. Assists patients with activities of daily living, provides for personal care and comfort. Communicates with physicians and team members about changes in patient’s clinical condition. Additionally, is able to perform general CNA duties with adequate supervision. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:a. Performs patient care responsibilities considering needs specific to thestandard of care for patient’s age, adult through geriatrics.b. Provides morning care which may include bed bath, shower or whirlpool,oral hygiene, combing hair, back care, changing bed linens, cleaning overbedtable and bedside stand, straightening room and other general care asnecessary throughout the shift.c. Provides evening care which includes hands/face washing as needed, oralhygiene, back rubs, peri-care, freshening linen, cleaning overbed tables,straightening room and other general care as needed.d. Notifies appropriate licensed personnel when patient complains of pain.e. Serves and removes food trays and assists with meals or feeds patient as isnecessary.f. Distributes drinking water and other nourishments to patients.g. Updates dietary order and orders nourishments and diabetic snacks eachmorning. Faxes to dietary before 5 a.m.h. Answers patient call lights, anticipates patient’s needs and makes rounds onassigned patients.i. Assists patients with the handling of personal property: dentures, glasses,contact lenses, hearing aids, prosthetic devices, etc. Completes patientinventory form.j. Performs all aspects of patient care within boundaries of appropriatelicensure in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces thelikelihood of medical/health care errors.k. Transports patients to and from various departments in the hospital.l. Reports and, when appropriate, records any changes observed in conditionor behavior of patients and unusual incidents.m. Assists in the preparation of admissions, transfers and discharge of patients.n. Assists RNs and LPNs with treatment procedures.o. Participates in and contributes to Nursing Care Conferences.p. Performs quality control activities, checks and records refrigeratortemperatures and CBG monitor quality control every night.q. Integrates the plan of care with Therapy Department treatment plan toattain patient’s optimal level of functioning.r. Provides general nursing care within appropriate licensure: positioningpatients, lifting and turning patients, applying/utilizing special equipment,assisting patients with the bedpan, commode; assists ambulating patients.Uses correct body mechanics.s. Certified Nursing Assistant – Part onet. Checks patient for reddened areas or skin breakdown and reports to RN orLPN.u. Obtains and records temperature, pulse, respirations, blood pressure,weight, intake and output.v. Files reports and forms to correct patient medical record, labels chart forms.w. Makes rounds with oncoming shift to ensure the unit is left in good condition.x. Maintains a good working relationship both within the department and withother departments.y. Communicates appropriately and clearly to team leader, co-workers,physicians and the Therapy Dept. staff.z. Consults other departments, as appropriate, to provide for aninterdisciplinary approach to the patient’s needs.aa. Demonstrates an ability to be effective, flexible, well organized and function well under stressful situations.bb.Treats patients and their families with respect and dignity; ensures patient confidentiality. cc. Practices careful, efficient and non-wasteful use of supplies and linens andfollows established charge procedures for patient charge items.dd.Follows infection control procedures. Keeps the unit clean and organized.ee. Meets current documentation standards and policies.ff. Manages and operates equipment safely and correctly.gg. Medical and surgical asepsis is carried out during treatments and specialprocedures.hh.Response to the patient is appropriate in emergency or physically distressful situation.ii. Performs other duties as assigned within the CNA’s scope of practice.

Knowledge, Skills/Abilities, Education and Experience:• Regulatory Requirements: High School graduate or equivalent. Current Certificationfrom Nurse Aide Board, BCLS, and Six months to one year rehab experience preferred.

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