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100 Night Shift Memes

The night shift can be all sorts of chaos, but it can certainly still be a source of laughter. No matter what industry you work in, you will indeed have a fellow night owl with which you share the experience. After all, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about four percent of the total United States workforce work night shifts.

So as the old adage goes, laughter is the best medicine. Here are 100 different and relatable memes you can enjoy during break time for a quick laugh.


No matter how tempting it is, we all need our beauty rest. Staying awake both night and day may be inviting, but it’s always best to get all those eight hours of sleep a day for optimal body conditions.


For those who might be new to the night shift life, there are two things: 1) you might be surprised how easily you can lose social skills, and 2) coffee is life. However, remember to always drink coffee responsibly, and whenever you can, talk to family and friends. Life isn’t all about working.


Some people just don’t understand! The difference in sleep schedules between regular shift workers and graveyard shift workers is literally night and day.


When your body clock is even just a bit off, staying awake during graveyard shifts can be quite the struggle.



It’s incredible how confusing time can be when you work night shifts. Sometimes, even sleeping can feel like a confusing affair.


The chaos in the night shift can surely manifest itself in our appearance, so make sure you get enough sleep and eat healthily, so you can perform well at work and look good in the process.


Full disclosure: our mornings aren’t the same. It can be hard to communicate with friends who work regular shifts, so here’s a meme for a quick reminder. 


Day shift colleagues, am I right? There’s a lot hanging on the shoulders of the night shift heroes, so next time your friend works the night shift, give them a hug. Trust me; they need it.


Sorry, boss. We’re done for the day.


Staying awake at work as a night shift employee can be a struggle. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?


We’re just built different.


There’s not much sunlight when you work at night. When the sun does rise, I’m probably heading back to bed.


The day can be eventful at times, so as night shift workers we tend to lose a lot of sleep.


Here’s a brain teaser: would it still be called day drinking if you work at night and you get off work during the day? I guess it’ll just be one of life’s greatest mysteries.


Working the night shift is one thing. But switching back and forth between the day shift and the night shift is just a different level of crazy!


No, we’re not in different time zones. We’re just night shift workers. Your day is our night, and your night is our day. So please remember to call us when we’re awake.


I just want to get a decent amount of sleep, man, please. I’m asleep during the day – it’s not hard to understand.


Aaaahhh! The sun – it burns! We’re just not used to the sun anymore.


I’m not tired; I just work night shifts. I swear I’m okay.


Am I the only one? It can’t be just me, right? There’s just something about trying to sound like I haven’t just woken up.


It’s a terrifying sickness that only 4% of the United States workforce has. It can be contagious, depending on your career choices.


Well, hello there, beautiful. Fancy seeing you here.

This is me at work as a night shift employee. This kitty is so relatable in so many ways.


Health fact: the National Sleep Foundation found a real connection between increased cases of diabetes, obesity, and weight gain and working night shifts.


There is nothing more perfect than a meme that is funny and true at the same time. It’s so easy to lose track of time when working the night shift. There are no suns. Only the moon, the stars, and the darkness.


What happens after this part makes this meme funnier and even more relatable. Hancock was a big mood.


Heath Ledger was so phenomenal; he was able to foretell how I’d react to this situation. Truly legendary.


Hello, fellow crypt keepers. We need our beauty rest!


It was a long night, sorry.


No, this isn’t what we usually look like, okay? This is just us by the end of the shift.


Where are we? Who are you? What year is it? For night shift workers, time is just a concept.


It’s too early to just say tomorrow but too late to say today. This just happens every single time.


Welcome to the night shift, fresh meat! Where people from the day shift don’t know the struggle and hard work is just a normal night’s work.


Twelve rounds with Mike Tyson? No, this is just me at work.


Night shift operations are war, and this is our battle cry. Our screams would put Sir William Wallace himself to shame.


Light is our enemy. We just want eight hours of sleep. Is that too much to ask?


We have caffeine running through our veins. From coffee to energy drinks, you name it, we’ve chugged it.


Easier said than done. Sleeping during the day isn’t as easy as it sounds.


Oh, you slept today? You must be new here. Welcome to the night shift.


Don’t you just hate this when it happens? Hello? Do we even exist?


Maybe we can grab some coffee tomorrow. Are you free at nine in the morning? No? How about ten? No? Okay, have a great day.


There is nothing more in this life I need than this sign. It’s perfect.


The night shift is all sorts of exhausting, but the day shift isn’t a cakewalk, by all means.


This is pretty much an accurate depiction of an average night shift worker’s anatomy.


Nope, not day drinking at all. As a night shift worker, I can chug some beer and lay back at ten in the morning. Don’t judge me.

Make no mistake, day dweller. Vampires aren’t the only ones who roam the night nowadays.


It sure is! Oh, it’s Wednesday? What day is it? Where am I?


Me every day. Yup, all in a good night’s work.


Oh, you guys are just about to go to work? Good luck, guys! You all have a great day ahead.


Everyone does the sleep math, right? No? Just me. We all have to get at least eight hours of sleep, right?


As many of my night shift work friends say: “don’t go into the light.” Adjusting to a new schedule can be challenging, so you better prepare yourself.


Working night shifts can be lonely at times. But hey, at least you have the house to yourself.


Losing track of what day of the week is a common occurrence in the night shift. This is likely because most workdays take up two different days, creating chaos in every employee’s body clock.


Working night shifts certainly has its share of perks. Thank you, night differentials and other financial benefits!


Getting comfortable and resting in the morning can be a challenge, especially when your body hasn’t fully adjusted to the night shift yet


You and I both, sister. This woman is the state of all night shift workers everywhere. Girl, you are a mood.


Legends say night shift workers still don’t know what day it is today.



Kudos to moms everywhere who work tirelessly at night and take parenting to a whole new level!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: next time you meet a night shift employee who has just gotten out of work, give them a hug. Trust me, they need it.


Now, admittedly, there is some level of competition between day shift and night shift staff. Through this meme, we proudly shout “Night Shift Represent!”


Now that your struggle is over, it’s time you pass the torch to the incoming fresh meat. Let’s give them a warm welcome, am I right?


Looks like John had an easy time during his stint on the night shift, didn’t he?


Yet another testimony from a relaxed night shift worker. Derek, age 24, believes that the night shift is easy. Does he convince you?


We really need to get some time under the sun. Just another night shift worker, chilling with some of the day staff.


Day shift employees can’t relate. The night shift is simply one of a kind.



That’s it. That’s the tweet. Goodbye, noisy neighbors. Goodbye, sunrays through flimsy curtains. Hello, 24/7 food establishments for healthy food and beverages.


Santa Clause is officially #TeamNightShift every December. We can relate, Santa. We can relate.


Sometimes, all we need is each other, Team Night Shift. We have to look out for each other, right?


You’re preaching to the choir, brothers and sisters. We avoid humans by working night shifts, too.


Who are we? What are we doing here? What is life?


Spare me. We’ve heard it all. Trust me, day shift employees, it’s not as easy as it looks.


I can hear the gasping, the screaming, and how everyone just started covering their eyes.


You have to be there for the big family moments, right? Even night shift workers have family gatherings they just couldn’t miss.


I simply cannot comprehend why they always do this. Sometimes they even schedule these in the middle of the day – when night shift workers’ work schedules have long ended.


Another one of those signages that a nightshift worker needs to have. The sign serves both as a fair warning and a stylish novelty.


I’m not proud of it, but some say I like to live dangerously. On a serious note, though, always prioritize sleep.


I’m not entirely sure if this is heaven or hell.


Oh, bed. You’re the only one who understands.


Just a friendly disclaimer to both friends and family. We sleep during the day. Please understand. Consider yourselves warned.


Why do these machines have to be so loud?


Sleep doesn’t come easy to us night shift workers. Noisy neighbors can be a pill to deal with. They don’t exactly make things easier for us.


Here’s a reminder that night shift workers are a completely different mold. Do you think you have what it takes?


Easy on the lights, please! Our eyes are not accustomed to such brightness.


Daily reminder that you deserve a rest, king/queen. Get those eight hours in! Stay healthy and energized by getting enough sleep.


I’ve always felt a deep and profound connection with this particular dwarf from Snow White.


We need all the caffeine we can get. It doesn’t matter where we get it from and who we got it from – drink!


It wasn’t easy, but you’re here now. It’s your turn.


Sometimes, you just have gotta do what you gotta do – even if it means messing up your already confusing sleep schedule.


Someone should seriously make a shirt out of this and wear it with pride. This is virtually my life on repeat.


I know you’re happy to see us. Just can’t say whether or not we’re happy to see you, though.


Calm down, please. I seriously cannot vibe with your energy.


There can never be too many memes about losing track of time as a night shift employee. It just happens every single time.


That’s cute, good for you.


You can’t sit with us, nor do I think you’d like to.


You day shift workers look great after a good night’s sleep. We can’t even close our eyes shut.


We work when you’re asleep and sleep when you wake up. How hard can it be to understand, right?


Come now, day shift. This is a safe space.


How do you like them apples, huh? How does it feel to be on the shorter end of the stick?


If we have one weakness, it’s the sun.


Don’t just suddenly turn them on, please. Our eyes can’t handle the light.


There’s a lot of banter between the night shift and day shift employees – which is often a source of endless amounts of memes. But in the end, make sure not to let the professional competition get in the way of your relationship with your colleagues. These memes are merely for entertainment and should not cause any arguments and misunderstandings between workplace friends. Enjoy them and use them to relax. Your physical, mental, and emotional health should be your top priority.




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